Back In Singapore

This is R at Jone’s the Grocer. If it hasn’t caught your eye, he’s got himself a neat cup of babycino and a rather huge dollop of whipped cream. And if its not apparent to you, R’s got his spoon going for the dollop of whipped cream. Yes. That huge, sinfully fatty mound of whipped cream. And I am the guilty party.

It started way back in Princeton on a cold cold cold December afternoon. I took R to the public library and as we were making our way home, that big lovely green logo with the head of what looks to me like the Statue of Liberty came into view. It was cold. I was cold. It looked warm. Inviting. I could smell, taste, touch, hear the happiness the logo promised. So I went in.

Inside, I quickly found a spot for us and started peeling off our 1001 articles of clothing. Without hesitation, I ordered my usual decaf treat and was at the end of the counter waiting for it before the staff could even put my name on the cup. When the drink finally came (Starbucks was packed with people like me trying to get out of the cold), I started taking quick sips and soon felt the warmth trickling through my veins to the ends of my toes and body hair.

Some time through my drink, I felt bad having R just stare at me and so I offered him some whipped cream from my cup. And that was it. It was love at first taste. That first introduction to whipped cream and he was hooked. From that day onwards, each time we walked by Starbucks, R would scream ‘ice-cream’ (that’s what he calls it). Sometimes I get away with telling him we’ll have it some other day but some days I don’t. By the time March rolled by, R got so good at telling a coffee joint just from its smell, he would scream ‘ice-cream’ when we passed ANY in town. So my initial assumption that he associated eating whipped cream with Starbucks was completely wrong. He associates eating whipped cream with the smell of coffee! Oh my, what an addiction to begin for such a young baby.

So here we are, months after December, in sunny Singapore. R still asks for whipped cream and thoroughly enjoys them neat. I just convince myself that its some form of dairy and a little calcium and fat will do R a lot of good.


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