Leia’s birth story

This is over a year too late but I thought that I should jot it down before my memory gets the better of me.

I was really blessed with a very smooth pregnancy. I only lost my appetite in the first trimester but afterwhich everything was pretty smooth sailing. It was so amazing to see and feel something in your belly and I absolutely loved having her swimming in me. Leia was set to be delivered on 19july and as the months drew near, it got pretty exciting. I was on leave 1-2 weeks prior to the due date and was just hanging around waiting for something to happen. It’s funny because I so wanted to see her but yet still want to keep her in because I enjoyed the kicks and the tumbling in my belly. The anticipation grew day by day. Just like what you see on tv, I expected something dramatic to happen. My water bag would break, I would start screaming in pain, we would all be a nervous wreck, etc. but that did not happened till 18 July. Well, a much toned down version.

So the visits to the gynae showed that the baby was all set to be delivered but there were no signs of contractions so my gynae decided to do an induced labour. Checked in with the gynae on 18 july 12pm. Inserted the pill and was told to go home to rest and wait for the contractions to arrive. By 5pm, didn’t feel anything, went back, insert another pill and went home to continue with the waiting. Had dinner, waited, waited. By around 10pm I felt a little twinge in my belly. The frequency was quite far apart so I just laid in bed and watched tv. We were told to check ourselves in the hospital by midnight. Packed and was at the hospital at midnight. Still very anxious. We registered and sat at the waiting area before we were given a room. While waiting, we could here doctors and midwives delivering in another room. 1,2,3- push!!!! That was when I started panicking! Haha! But Iittle did we know, we still had a long day to go.

Checked in, did the mandatory checks and waited again. Contractions remained infrequent but they kept me awake. Minute by minute, hour by hour, time really passed so slowly. Funny thing is, I don’t remember the pain.

By dawn, the contractions were strong and regular so I was given pitocin to speed things up. I was still chatting and joking with the nurses and 1 nurse told me that I won’t be smiling much after given the drip. Indeed. The pain kicked in not long after. However, I wasn’t fully dilated hence was not able to go into labour yet. By 9am, I think I was just barely 3-4 cm. so I told the husband to go home and shower because I expect another few more hours of waiting. By 11am, the contractions were very strong and dilation was increased at just 0.5cm. Nurses estimated that I will deliver around dinner time. WHAT! Am I supposed to bear with the pain all the way through dinner? I didn’t had much sleep the night prior and no breakfast or lunch so I told the nurse to get the anesthetist to give me my epidural. I wanted to preserve my energy for the final push.

Epidural kicked in pretty fast and it relieved most of the pain but I could still feel the contractions. By then Ivan was back all showered. The final call came around 2-3pm when I felt a really sharp pain below. The feeling was somewhat like a hard piece of shit pushing onto the area. I kept telling the nurses that I wanted to shit and they told me to go ahead but I was worried I’d shit the baby out! They laughed at me. I thought it was funny too. The pain continued and i kept telling the nurses that I really need to shit and if I don’t I will shit all over the baby. She laughed and said “I think it’s time to push”. Apparently baby’s head was pushing onto the area hence the sensation of wanting to shit. It sounds so silly now.

So gynae was called, equipment ready and pushed I did. The first few pushes were easy. Baby crowned and when it got to her shoulders, it got a little tougher for me. I ran outta breath very quickly so the pushes were short. The final pushed came and with the help of the midwives, baby Leia was born on 19 July 2011 at 3.34kg, around 3-4pm. It was amazing to finally meet her and at that point it felt surreal. We are parents now!

She had a full head of hair, rather dark skin and big round eyes. It’s still quite amazing to see her growing up now. She brings joy to us and we absolutely adore her.



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