Leia’s words


Leia’s turned 15 months now and these are some words she says to communicate with us:
1. Milk: Pronounced a ”murk”
2. Ball
3. Lock: She says this when she says goodbye to her grandparents and tells us to lock the gate
4. Nene = Leia: Not sure why, but whenever she sees her photos, she will go nene
5. Mama = Me, grandma
6. Mummy= She recently learnt this but refuses to say it upon request. She just says it whenever she likes to
7. Dad: Pronounced as “There there”. Sometimes she just call her dad with some random noise i can’t really figure what it is
8. Dumb: She says this with gusto and I seriously don’t know why and when she says this. She definitely does not know what dumb means but its funny to hear her say that.
9. NO!: Combines with shaking her head vigourously. This happens when she doesn’t want to do something we get her to do or refuses to eat something
10. Oh oh oh oh: She says this when she sees my ipad. This means that she wants to watch Gangnam Style. When Russel is around, he’ll say “Style” and he’s got pretty lethal dance moves
11. Momo = Elmo: Also says this when she wants to watch Elmo on Youtube. Elmo is her best friend
12. Dog: Her next best friend. She has 2 dogs at home. A toy dog that moves and reacts when you talk to it. His name is Cookie. However, cookie is slightly down lately because he is running dry on batteries. The other dog is a walking dog balloon called – DOG. She showers the dogs with kisses whenever she sees them and sometimes force us to do the same. Yes, we have to kiss the dogs too.
13. Walk: This means that she wants to go out OR that we are going out.
14. Flower: she loves flowers so it’s not surprising that she learnt to say this
15. Three: pronounced as tee! I will count 1,2 and she will go tee!!!
16. Apple: pronounced as ah-ple or sometimes just per
17. Mum mumissue says this whengo are feeding her
Thats all I can remember for now!
She babbles quite a bit now. We’ll either imagine what she is saying and create random conversations with her where she’ll babble random things again
Leia: ba ba du du some mei dumb
Me: Oh really? You’ll like to do that?
Leia: Repeats- ba ba du du some mei dumb (sometimes in a jumbled up sequence)
Me: Yes, that sounds great!
It’ll go on for prob 2 -3 sentences and i’ll tell her that I want to go to sleep. haha!
Its really fun to see her learn at this stage and I am sure we are in forMoore surprises. Anyway here’s a video of her saying flower! 


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